Bayat Group of Companies

The Bayat Group of companies has more than a decade of experience building highly profitable enterprises in Afghanistan in the telecommunications, media, industrial infrastructure, security, and logistics sectors, and we have a proven ability to work successfully with government officials/organizations at both national and regional levels in order to help build out industries that generate profitable returns and also set the base for long term economic growth for the nation.

Who are we?


Afghan Wireless

Nation’s first telecommunication company bringing more than 5 million afghans closer.


Ariana Television Network
Reaching 40 million Afghans worldwide through our television network.

Bayat Foundation

Bayat Foundation has helping rebuild Afghanistan as well as deliver hope and support to the neediest.


Bayat Energy

Bayat Energy is a newly established oil and gas exploration, development and production company.


ATN News
Updating you with 24X7 News with largest number of database in Smartphones

Ariana Network Services

Connecting your homes with the finest Internet facilities with WiMAX, Super WiFi and High speed broadbands

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